People have always lived close to nature, however, in the past few centuries one can see a significant separation from the natural world. In their interest of their health and development, people need a balanced and deep relationship with nature. We have an essential need for aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and spiritual things. The Belle-Aire Hegyvidéki Training Centre and Residence is situated in the highest part of Mátra, where nature is part of everyday life.

Find your path, visit the Belle-Aire Hegyvidéki Training Centre and Residence.

Nature, though unconsciously- has produced many gifts, which serve mankind. This is not difficult to accept as mankind is one of the ‘creation’ of natural world. Nature is the source of spiritual and aesthetic joy. The well-being of our psyche is strongly connected to how good we feel. This well-being is what nature actively supports. Wilson (1984) has defined Biophilia as an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world. Nature has an effect on our emotions, sense of aesthetic and mental health. According to the theory, the strong connection to the natural world has been an advantage in evolution, adaptability and sustainability both from the perspective of the individual and the species. We believe Wilson, witness the Theory of Biophilia.

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Address: 3235 Mátraszentimre, Fenyves street 5.